ISSA Fellow

I have been involved in the field of information security for over 17 years. I have served as CISO for both large enterprise organizations and companies specializing in Auditing and Information Security for the Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail and Financial industries as well as both the private and public sectors. As CISO, my responsibilities have included overseeing and managing security related functions including but not limited to audit and regulatory compliance reviews, development and implementation of Risk Management frameworks and internal security and strategic planning with regard to emerging technologies.

I hold a BA from Indiana University, Bloomington and an MA from the University of North Dakota. Some of my experiences include but are not limited to:

CISO of Security and Audit Firm
Program Chair for Information Technology
Academic Excellence and Service Award
CEO of two internet based managed security companies
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Certified in Risk Information System Controls (CRISC)
ISSA International Fellow
ISSA Northeast Indian Chapter President’s Award (2007,2008)
Founding President of the Northeast Indiana Chapter of ISSA, Int’l
ISSA Int’l CISO Executive Council Member
ISSA Int’l Professional Webinar Committee
ISSA Int’l Conference Planning Committee
ISSA Int’l Career Lifecycle Development Committee
ISSA Int’l Education Advisory Committee
ISACA Indiana Board of Director
INFRAGARD, Indiana Sector

I have also presented topics of interest to the security community such as:

Global Threat Trends for 2013
Risk Management Modeling for IT
PCI Compliance for the SMB
PCI 3.0
HIPAA HITECH and Omnibus Rule Overview





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